10 TV Show Comic Spin-Offs That Are Surprisingly Awesome

The best TV shows that somehow made the jump from the screen to the page.

Oni Press

Whether it's fighting crime in alleyways or exploring the furthest reaches of outer space, the comic book industry is home to some of the craziest stories out there. Perhaps that's why many of the best shows of the last decade have been at least somewhat based on graphic novels.

Watchmen, The Walking Dead, and The Boys are only some of the properties to make the jump to the small screen, all to critical acclaim.

This is fairly common, however, what many people don't know is that this relationship between the mediums is a two-way street. Countless shows have found life after cancellation in comic book stores, while others have created spin offs to their ongoing series, which allow them to add more depth to their worlds.

It's no surprise then that many TV shows often plagued with ideas larger than their budgets allow, end up with comic book sequels or spin-offs. With the only limitations being the artist's imagination, there are countless shows out there that found a second life in comic book stores.

There have been some mixed results in this process, but don't worry. Today we'll take you through the best of the best TV shows that had their own comic spin-offs or sequels, as well as which issues to jump in with.


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