10 Weirdly Sexual Moments Between Batman And Robin

Are the rumours about The Dark Knight and his Boy Wonder true?

The theory that Batman and Robin are gay first appeared when a comic book hating psychologist attempted to convince the government that they were having a negative impact on youngsters. He believed there was a risk that the Caped Crusader's adventures might cause children to become homosexuals, which was still seen as "wrong" in the 1950s. None of that is true of course, and Bruce Wayne's relationship with Dick Grayson - and the other kids who have been Robin over the years - has always been strictly platonic. If anything, they have a father/son relationship, which has evolved into a friendship. Unfortunately for the Dynamic Duo, there have been a lot of comics over the years that have contained some very weird and unexpectedly sexual moments between the two. Even before the Batman TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward, Batman's adventures on the page began taking a campy approach to storytelling that now reads very differently. The double entendres in that 1960s TV show certainly did this perception of Batman and Robin's relationship no favours, and everyone from Burt Ward to Grant Morrison have theorised that their may just have been something between them. And it's pretty hard to resist some of the clearly inappropriate and often hilarious examples of when everyday moments between the two take on a very different context when they're re-examined all these years later...

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