11 Powers You Didn't Know Thor's Hammer Has

5. It Works As A Movie Projector

Marvel Studios

All the powers on this list are well and good when Thor needs to survive an enemy attack or attack an enemy himself. But what about the most dangerous foe of all; boredom? As it turns out, Mjolnir’s got a power for that too. The hammer can be used to project moving images wherever and whenever Thor wants.

Aside from never having to invest in the newest 4K TV to stream Netflix, this power is actually pretty useful in terms of Thor’s superhero duties in the Marvel Universe. Mjolnir has been known to use its projection capabilities to deliver messages to Thor or to show live streams of his home planet, Asgard, when he needs to make tactical plans. It’s a power that’s been seen in the comics as well as the cartoons, and even though we don’t fully understand where the light comes out of, “magic” is a simple enough explanation that we’re willing to accept.


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