12 LGBTQ Comic Book Characters Ready For Live-Action Adaptation

Are fans ready for some serious diversity?


Since the dawn of the Age Of The Superhero Movie we’ve seen mutants, aliens, a thunder god, cyborgs, a talking raccoon and even a sentient tree. And while Black Panther, the female Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman are all set to headline their own movies, bringing the diversity of the main roster up somewhat, there is still a lot left to be desired.

For a start, we are still sorely lacking in the representation of LGBTQ characters in our superhero entertainment. 

The Avengers have assembled for two huge films already but not one character who displays anything but "straight" orientation has been introduced. Likewise for the X-Men team, which has grown with new characters in every movie, with mutants whose diversity is startling, but still doesn't stretch as far as their sexuality. The Justice League is set to unite in an upcoming movie and they show no sign of introducing a queer or transgender character either.

DC, Marvel, Fox and Warner Bros are ignoring an opportunity to reach out to a large untapped audience. The people making these films and television shows want to make money and you make money by reaching large audiences and endearing yourselves to them. 

The first franchise to seize this opportunity and present a LGBTQ superhero for the screen will be set to win the support and fandom of an ever growing community. And in this batch of characters, there's more than enough potential for a big screen presence.

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