12 Marvel Movies To Make Phase 4 "Distinctly Different"

12. The Fantastic Four


The issue of the Fantastic Four is probably the biggest elephant in the room for Marvel currently. After their white knight act on Spider-Man, the idea of Kevin Feige leading an expedition to rescue Marvel's first family must be intriguing for fans. Because someone SURELY has to make a Fantastic Four film that works?

The rewards of successfully rebuilding the team would be major. A successful Fantastic Four would mean the opportunity to ease focus away from the Avengers and lots of additional characters. For instance, the Fantastic Four means you can bring in Galactus for one of the only villains bigger than Thanos, and you can push further into the Quantum Realm and multiverse ideas that are already being played with in Phase 3.

The Challenges

Well, they don't own the rights for a start, but regaining them may not be as much of a struggle in light of Josh Trank's disastrous attempt at making a movie for them.

You have to wonder whether there's still an audience for the Four in light of three poor films and their comic book line being sent to the cooler, but Phase 4 is a long time away, and Marvel do know how to build hype for popular old properties.

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