15 Injustice Moments That Shocked The World

You know it's bad when Superman murdering a child doesn't break the top five...

DC Comics

If there's one lesson that the Injustice games and comics taught us, it's that superhero stories are at their most fascinating when they're handing out shocking moments like it's Halloween and they're the supermarket's cheapest candy. The speed with which the series hits you with surprise after surprise is almost dizzying, but then - like rollercoasters and alcohol - that's also why we love it.

And what reason would the creators of the game and comic alike have to not fill their version full to the brim with unbelievable moments? The series revolves around having all your favourite characters fight - either to the death or to mortal injury - so there's no better set up to produce the weirdest and wildest moments that comics have ever witnessed.

It's all of the fun of Mortal Kombat, only with the extra added bonus that you get to see Superman fly through people, or Hal Jordan tear a man's arm off.

Given the series doesn't affect the actual canon universe, the stakes have never been so low - and the excitement never so high - for one individual mythos. Does any other series contain an exploding sentient planet and Poseidon in the same volume? I think not.


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