25 Hottest Cosplay Girls At Comic Con 2013

Everyone was talking about them.

Power Girl Let's face it - this year's Comic Con was all about two things: Batman and Superman, and with the world going crazy for the long-wanted team-up, it's easy to forget that a lot of other things happened in San Diego. We're not talking Joss Whedon's under-enthusiastically met announcement of Age Of Ultron as the sequel to Avengers Assemble, or anything really remotely related to the films and games announced, though: today, we're all about the attendees. And more specifically, we're all about the cosplayers: those dedicated individuals who choose to pay homage to their favourite properties by buying or making (sometimes successfully, and sometimes not) their own versions of iconic character costumes. Every year there will be hordes of Batmen, armies of Supermen, and a raging mass of Wolverines, and they're all to be applauded for not letting being grown-ups get in the way of their fun. But it's not really those cosplayers we're celebrating - as much as they're worthy of it - because this article is far more dedicated to a celebration of cosplay hotness, the characters who attracted the most attention, who were the hotteston the cosplay charts. Behold, those who make the costumes we love even better...

Dishonourable Mention

As sure as eggs is eggs, every year at Comic Con will inevitably feature a portly gentleman dressed as a traditionally sexy female character from the Geek universe, and 2013 was no different... Leia Oh, but, come on! Props for the confidence, and there's some kind of perverse pleasure in looking at that impressively rotund belly, but it's never going to qualify as sexy unless you have some seriously questionable tastes...

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