25 Hottest Cosplay Girls At Comic Con 2013

25. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch One thing that's very obvious from trawling through the internet for the best Cosplayers of Comic Con this year is that posing is very much in fashion: cajouled (with not much effort, probably) cosplayers will inevitably mimic the object of their geeky affections. Which clearly involves a lot of pointing, as demonstrated by this particularly impressive looking Scarlet Witch. Still, it's a lot easier to forgive the earnest posing when the poser looks as good in the costume.

24. She Hulk

She Hulk Let's get this straight, there's very little attractive about the actual male Hulk: he's vascular, angry and prone to fits of hysterical violence, and he's just too large for even the most dedicated body builder groupies. Perhaps that's why he's so bad-tempered...? Anyway, his cousin has always been the fairer option - more human, more well-proportioned and less difficult on car journeys, She-Hulk is the opposite end of the scale, and teaming up her iconic green skin with a pencil skirt and sensible but casual shirt was a smart move.

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