5 Best Video Game Comics Fans Must Read

The Sonic film might be bad, but at least the hedgehog's had some great comics.


Adapting a video game into another medium has always been a chore, to say the very least. Video games are unlike any other storytelling medium that has been with us prior - fully interactive, with story, themes, and characters taking a backseat to simple fun.

It doesn't matter how good the story is, how compelling the characters, if a game isn't fun to play, that will be all that people care about, end of discussion. As such, some games are relatively thin in the narrative department, which can make adaptation into more story-driven mediums difficult.

But sometimes, it works. Sometimes it really, really works. Yes, despite what overplayed internet running gags have said, there have been plenty of times video games were adapted, specifically into comic books. You can also get away with a bit more silliness in a comic than a movie, so you don't need to worry about how well the mushrooms in Mario adapt to the silver screen.

Video game comic books have been around almost as long as video games themselves, and though not all have managed to capture the magic of the medium, some are genuinely great.


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