5 Characters Marvel Need To Add To Their Netflix Shows

More friends to binge watch an entire series with...

Marvel Comics/Ryan Stegman

Marvel captured lightning in a bottle on Netflix in 2015 with Daredevil and most of the series that followed only added to the foundation of the MCU they seem to be carefully laying out on there.

From the Old Boy inspired hallway fight at the end of episode two of Daredevil's first series to Luke Cage clearing out a building to Bring Da Ruckus in episode three of his series, there's something really special about the world they're building.

In order to flesh out the world they're crafting, they've so far provided a stellar supporting case for most of the heroes, Malcolm and Misty Knight being great examples in particular. Marvel even managed to translate Nuke into a workable character in Jessica Jones, a feat which sounds ludicrous on paper, but it worked.

So, we know that there are more series on the way and that there is more of New York to explore. With that comes new characters and with how Jessica Jones' second series ended we can assume that Hellcat is on the way, but who else could enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe via way of Netflix?


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