5 Comic Book Storylines That Should Never Be Adapted (Again)

Dark Phoenix has now been tried twice. Why bother with a third time?


Due to the vast amount of comic book content now in circulation, you would think that companies would think twice about re-using the same story arc as inspiration for more than one film, especially with how there are numerous decades of plots to draw on.

And yet, we have seen more than a couple of comic book movie franchises revisit stories that they have already told, be that in the same cinematic universe (looking at you, X-Men), or across works on both the animated and live action sides, with DC being the main culprit in this regard.

With that said, these stories are ones which the likes of Marvel and DC should best avoid from this point onward. Why? Well there are plenty of reasons; it may simply be because of how they have already been overdone, or - more positively speaking - because they have already been perfected; basing another piece of media on the same comic would just lead to an inferior version of what has already come before.

Comic book movies are always going to retread ground at some point or another, but when there are so many brilliant story-arcs to choose from, there's no excuse for rehashing old material.


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