5 Marvel Comics Heroes Who Are Currently MIA

Holding out for a hero...

Marvel Comics

The post-Secret Wars Marvel Comics landscape is a weird place to read, let alone inhabit. Some heroes have been rejuvenated, some have been replaced, others have joined new teams and some have even returned from the dead. However, not every superhero in the Marvel Universe has enjoyed an update, as several of them haven't even been seen since the soft reboot of the multiverse.

Characters rotate in and out of the spotlight all the time, so it's not unusual for heroes to take a leave of absence now and then. But in some cases it seems as though certain heroes never existed.

We've seen Marvel greatly reduce their hero rosters with soft reboots in the past, a prime example being the reduction of mutants following House of M.

The issue is that following Secret Wars, not everything was reset. Major happenings such as Civil War or Avengers Vs. X-Men are still considered canon, so where are some of the characters that were integral to the stories or key members of teams prior to the reboot?

Brief mentions in passing and sometimes no mention at all, some of our heroes are still unaccounted for.


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