5 Must-Read Comics For Wrestling Fans

4. Over The Ropes - Mad Cave Studios

Mad Cave Studios

Over the past several years, both independent wrestling and independent comic book publishing have entered periods of renaissance. In terms of both quality and popularity the worlds of wrestling and comics have carved out sustainable ecosystems based on collective, yet niche interests. An indie comic about an independent wrestling company only seems natural.

Wrestling fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting the upcoming release of Over The Ropes by Mad Cave Studios. Writer Jay Sandlin and artist Antonello Cosentino have created a fictional world in the American deep south during the wrestling boom of the 1990s.

Family drama, corrupt promoters and the arduous circumstance of balancing the in-ring limelight with normal, everyday life are all obstacles our high-flying protagonist Jason Lynn will have to overcome. In an era known for attitude, endurance is the name of the game. Issue #1 will hit the shelves in December of this year.

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