5 Reasons Why Joss Whedon Shouldn't Direct Batgirl

Why are we even having this conversation after Justice League?

Batgirl Year One
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What a week it's been for Joss Whedon. First, he's signed on for DC's Batgirl movie, then he's off it, and now he's back again. Holy inconsistent reporting, Batman!

But what, exactly, does this bode for the project going forward? DCEU fans will need no reminder of the fact that Matt Reeves' Batman reboot has been blighted by developmental issues since day one, dating back to when Ben Affleck was signed on to star and direct, and now it seems as though yet another Bat character is experiencing issues, this time Barbara Gordon.

And really, Babs is a character that deserves so much more than what Whedon can offer. DC already took a fantastic step with Wonder Woman by making it a woman-led work, so to have Whedon presiding over a Batgirl film - one that will feature a character who, in the comics, has dealt with her fair share of harrowing moments - feels like a step back.

There certainly isn't a shortage of candidates to helm a truly compelling Batgirl film, and with Whedon's stock rapidly falling in the wake of Justice League, DC would do well to remove the director from the comic book conversation as soon as possible.

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