6 Times Arrow Improved Green Arrow Mythology (& 4 Times It Failed)

Improvements To Green Arrow Mythology...

6. Felicity Smoak

Arrow Felicity Smoak
The CW

Many casual comic book fans may think that Felicity Smoak was purely a creation of Arrow. While Emily Bett Rickards’ incarnation of Felicity is indeed rather different to her comic book counterpart, Felicity Smoak actually first appeared in the pages of DC Comics back in 1984.

She may have been a supporting character who only appeared briefly, but Felicity’s 1984 funny book debut in The Fury of Firestorm #23 saw her positioned as the boss of a New York computer software company. Not only that, but she found herself butting heads with Firestorm… before marrying the father’s hero, Ed Raymond.

What Arrow did so well, is that it took this comic book character and improved her one hundred times over. Sure, Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity retained her computer smarts, yet Ms. Smoak was made into a pivotal part of the overall eight-season arc of Arrow. To the point that she managed to be one of the few people to calm the wild beast that is Oliver Queen.

Arrow’s Felicity Smoak was far from 100% perfect, but it’s a tough task to write a character flawlessly for seven full seasons and a sprinkling of eighth season appearances. There have clearly been ups and downs in the depiction of the character, yet the job done with Felicity Smoak in Arrow is largely a fantastic one. At least in comparison to what fans had previously seen from the character in the comic books.

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