6 Times Supergirl Improved DC Mythology (& 4 Times It Failed)

Exploring the impact of Melissa Benoist's Maid of Might on the greater landscape of DC Comics.

The CW

With Supergirl currently in the middle of its fifth season, the Melissa Benoist-starrer has gone from strength to strength after an admittedly rocky start.

If you remember, that start ended up with CBS opting against renewing the series for a second season. But in hindsight, that move proved to the best thing to happen to the show – for CBS’ loss was The CW’s gain.

Once housed on the same network as Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl began to flourish. And not just in an over-the-top superheroes and supervillains sort of way, as the show spent just as much time exploring real-world issues and themes as it did superpowered aliens.

At a time when casual audience's memories of anything Super are of Henry Cavill’s cinematic Man of Steel, it was a bold move to take a punt on brining the Maid of Might to live-action life. That move, though, has paid off in fantastic fashion, with Supergirl becoming a go-to favourite of many a genre fan.

Like any show that’s loosely based on an existing property – in this case the larger world of DC Comics – there are always going to be changes both good and bad made to the established lore, and so here are the ways in which Supergirl has improved (and failed to improve) the long-standing mythology of DC Comics.

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