7 Great Batman Villains (Still Yet To Appear In A Film)

7. Hush

DC Comics

Part of what makes Batman so appealing is his depth as a character. His civilian identity as Bruce Wayne has always proven fascinating for writers and directors to explore in comics, films and games, with the aloof playboy persona he presents to the public being the true mask that he wears. This is in stark contrast to many of his superhero counterparts, whose characters are frequently as dull as dishwater when you take their powers and outfits away.

Rare is it that a villain has a gripe with Bruce Wayne specifically rather than Batman, however. A notable exception is Hush, who quickly made an impact to the Batman lore upon his 12 issue limited series debut in 2003, rapidly leaping above longer serving foes in terms of prominence.

A childhood friend of Bruce who secretly longed for his parents to die (as Bruce’s had) so he could inherit their fortunes, Hush becomes envious and eventually murderous over time. To that end, his appearances often make use of his abilities as a world class surgeon, with the ‘Heart Of Hush’ limited series and Arkham Knight having him perform plastic surgery on himself to impersonate his childhood companion and attempt to destroy his company and reputation.

Replicating this would certainly be something different, though marketing a Batman film without much Batman in it could be difficult. Hush allows his origins to be explored from another angle, however, whilst being a genuinely terrifying presence on screen.

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