8 Reasons Batman Belongs On Television

Batman should be on the streets solving crimes, not saving the world from aliens.

Warner Bros. Animation

Batman and Batman-adjacent news abounds as of late, with casting underway for the Joker Origin Film, Ruby Rose getting cast as TheCW's Batwoman, details about the DC Universe streaming service emerging from SDCC, and director Matt Reeves giving an update on the long-gestating Batman reboot, with Ben Affleck's involvement still a mystery.

In an interview at a Television Critics Association panel, Reeves described the film as a “very point-of-view noir-driven definitive Batman story,” a story that is “really about him being the world’s greatest detective.”

First of all, YES. That’s probably the best elevator pitch for a Batman movie anyone could make. In fact, it’s such a good approach that someone might want to watch something like that every Sunday, say for an hour or so, around nine-ish.

Of course, Warner Bros. wants to reserve one its most popular characters for movies, because it's profitable. And yes, there’s Gotham, but that’s diet Batman. We the people deserve the opportunity to tune in to a fully caped-and-cowled, crime-solving, batarang-hurling Dark Knight serving up hot knuckle sandwiches to Gotham’s underworld every single week.

It's been almost three decades since the crazy-how-well-it-holds-up Batman: The Animated Series and more than half a century since the delightfully camptastic Adam West series. It's time for Batman to return to TV.


David Bailey is a creative advertising professional who moonlights as a Private Investigative Journalist. He currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys receiving haircuts and eating sandwiches. You may find him on twitter @TheRingaDingKid.