8 Reasons Why A Joker & Harley Quinn Movie Is A Terrible Idea

Hey, WB? Can we maybe not romanticise this??

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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. have pulled what can only be seen as a 'mad one' this week, having announced not just one, but two Joker films - one connected to the DCEU, the other not - and also that Matt Reeves' Batman film, a project that Ben Affleck looks set to depart, wasn't but then would be a DCEU feature. Hard times.

Oh, and all of this might have put said universe in jeopardy too, so that's something to note.

Yep, everything is most definitely not coming up Milhouse as far as DC are concerned. Their already congested cinematic slate - now split between connected and self-contained series - is announcing terrible idea after terrible idea, of which Glenn Ficarra and John Requa's planned Joker/Harley feature sits chief among.

There are so many reasons why this just isn’t okay, and even more to be worried about WB’s attitude to the DCU in general. Firstly, Ficarra and Requa’s most recent project was Crazy, Stupid Love, a romantic comedy that starred Steve Carrell and Kevin Bacon. This isn’t the duo you tap to explore the abusive relationship between Joker and Harley, but one you do if your impression of the couple is so fundamentally warped - so demonstrably twisted - that you actually hold them up as an iconic couple from DC’s library.

There are just so many levels of ‘ick’ to this announcement. So many. God.

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