8 Things DC Want You To Forget About Harley Quinn

They did WHAT for a competition?!

Harley Quinn
DC Comics

Harley Quinn is one DC's most popular characters, but - more often than not - that popularity has also courted controversy.

Said controversies have mostly occurred within the past five or so years, where appearances in both the Arkham games and various other animated features precipitated the character's cinematic debut in 2016's Suicide Squad - itself criticised for its depiction of Dr. Quinn. Harley also led the charge during DC's divisive New 52 relaunch - it, too, the subject of much criticism.

Point being, Harleen has had it rough these last few years. And while yes, her original misadventures undoubtedly had their problematic elements, few writers/artists have given the bisexual abuse survivor the respect she truly deserves, with DC now being able to boast a catalogue of errors in regards to their treatment of the Paul Dini creation in mediums animated and otherwise.

That stinks, and it's more true now more than ever that the company aren't doing enough to combat perceptions that cast the character's relationship with the Joker as romantic and one to be coveted. The production of a rom-com Joker/Harley movie confirms as much.

While DC's abject ignorance in regards to her treatment would imply an apathy in regards to what they do - and don't - want you to forget about the character, it's clear that the fanbase cares. For good reason too...

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