9 Awesome Thanos Moments That Need To Be In Avengers: Infinity War

Loki who?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in a lot of trouble. Sure, the heroes of the MCU have already contended with the likes of Ultron, Loki and an assortment of interchangeable duds who are unceremoniously killed off in their respective film debuts, but they haven€™t had to deal with an entity like Thanos. Marvel€™s answer to DC€™s Darkseid and the true big bad of the Marvel universe, Thanos has been the one behind the scenes, pulling the strings all along, like a nihilistic Jim Henson. The Infinity Gems are his prize to take and, as seen at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, he is now ready to get off of his very uncomfortable looking rock throne and go get them himself. Which spells doom for any Marvel Studios actor whose contracts will nearly be up by the time the two part Avengers: Infinity War comes around. Thanos - who is basically a god - was born to Eternals and subject to a Deviant gene at birth, causing him to become like that of a €˜mutant€™ of Titan, developing augmented strength, physical abilities and the power to absorb cosmic energy and consciously use it as a kinetic force. Also, it gave him skin like Grimace, everyone€™s least favourite McDonald€™s character. All you need to do is look at some of the aliases of Thanos to know that the guy is not one to be scoffed at. You€™ve got The Mad Titan, Avatar of Death, Masterlord, The Overmaster, The God of Death, The All-Father, Prune Chin, Purple Puss and Ultimate Nihilist. Plus, there€™s the fact that he is literally in love with death. Like, he wants to take her to the movies and awkwardly make physical contact. Obviously, with a character like Thanos, there are numerous awesome moments from the comics that need to be shown in Avengers: Infinity War. Come with me to witness the metal that is Thanos and see which 9 awesome moments we can only hope to witness.


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