9 Better Villains Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Should Have Used

7. Annihilus

Marvel Comics

Aside from having a name that metal bands the world over would kill for, Annihilus’ imposing appearance and penchant for planetary domination would have made him an excellent choice to pit against the Guardians in the sequel.

Wielding the hilariously named ‘Cosmic Control Rod’, Annihilus holds dominion over the various freaky inhabitants of the Negative Zone. Not content with mere mind control powers he’s also able to fly through the vacuum of space unimpeded, has bulletproof insect skin and, to cap it off, possesses superhuman strength.

Couple all this with the fact that he has an army of super powered beasties capable of interdimensional travel at his command and little regard for other living things and it's clear that the level of peril he could bring to the Marvel universe would make him an adversary worth some serious screen time.

There is also source material precedent for his inclusion. Star Lord’s team have fought Annihilus in the comics, repelling a huge space armada that was in the process of subjugating and obliterating planets.

A set piece like this would raise the bar for the sequel’s final act, bringing the ship-to-ship conflict off-planet and giving fans the space battle that you would expect from a movie entitled Guardians of the Galaxy.


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