9 Highly Anticipated Comic Book Movies Being Released In 2018

The war draws closer, and the phoenix rises...

20th Century Fox

2017 was a crazy year for comic book films. Some movies like Logan reinvented the genre whilst also saying goodbye to a familiar character. Others like Spider-Man: Homecoming acted like a reintroduction for characters we know and love, and a return to form of the heroes we care about.

Wonder Woman burst onto the scene and inspired little girls everywhere, while her compatriots in Justice League had trouble inspiring even the most earnest movie-goers to see a second viewing.

We got tons of laughs in the surprisingly smart Lego Batman movie, and Guardians of the Galaxy stepped it up in Vol 2 with more jokes, space battles and heart. Plus, who can forget jamming out to the soundtrack of Thor: Ragnarok, as the Odinson tore into the Incredible Hulk and then Hela?

In short, 2017 set a high bar for 2018, but with events like Disney buying Fox’s assets, Sony trying a solo Venom film (and many other spin-offs) and the MCU reaching its 10th anniversary, this coming year seems poised to be just as newsworthy.

So grab your 3-D glasses and popcorn, silence your cellphones, and get ready for some stunning comic book movie action in 2018...

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