Batman: 80 Greatest Ever Moments

78. Everything In The Batman

The Batman

When you're faced with a brilliant series like Batman: The Animated Series, it's hard to look much further for alternatives. Batman Beyond picked up a lot of fans, but everyone seemed to overlook The Batman.

Somewhat unfortunately cast aside as little more than an exercise in marketing toys to kids,) this critically acclaimed animation series ran from 2004 to 2008 and was legitimately brilliant. Not only did it reinvent established characters in a bold way with new designs, but it also brought in its own continuity and enjoyed more freedom because of it.

It ran for five seasons and honestly, you need to go back and watch it.


77. Gotham Goes Looney Tunes - Batman/Elmer Fudd Special

Batman Elmer Fudd
DC Comics

The DC/Looney Tunes specials are great fun if you ever get a chance to read them, but arguably the best crossover is the one involving Batman.

Handled by Tom King and artist Lee Weeks, the Batman/Elmer Fudd special reimagines Fudd as a hitman for the mob. He still has his trademark rhotacism, and Fudd in this case is after a version of Bugs Bunny, who yes, loves to chomp down on the occasional carrot.

King and Weeks' reimagining of Fudd, Bugs and the rest of WB's Merry Melodies is a thing to behold, and results in one of the most entertaining Bat-books in recent memory.

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