Batman: 80 Greatest Ever Moments

76. Black Label Arrives - Batman: Damned

Batman Damned
DC Comics/Lee Bermejo

What happens when Batman, Deadman, John Constantine and Swamp Thing all join forces to fight a nightmarish dream-based Satan? Well, a good comic is made, for starters.

While pitting Batman against Enchantress doesn’t seem like it should work, something about Batman having a totally surreal journey through memories and unreal landscapes has a strange kind of tacit beauty and purpose - as Batman appears to be fighting her in his own mindscape.

Combine this with an engaging mystery as to whether the Batman has finally killed the Joker, and you’ve got a really strange, yet surprisingly good comic. Or, at the least, the only time you're going to see Deadman wearing a live pet weasel - but either way, entirely worth it.


75. The Warehouse Beatdown - Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Batman V Superman On Set
Total Film/Warner Bros.

There was a lot to not like about Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman, but the warehouse fight late in the film was excluded from that. In fact, in isolation, the action sequence was a glimpse into how good the director's version of the hero could be.

Ignoring the Martha nonsense that precedes it, the fight is perhaps the best action scene in the entire flick, as Batman tactically takes out a gang of henchmen in the most brutal way possible. It's violent, aggressive, and captured the fear of what it must be like being a simple goon caught in the sights of The Batman.

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