Batman Has Joined AEW?

The Dark Knight is All Elite!

AEW/Lee South

If AEW’s recent ties to Rick and Morty wasn’t cool enough for wrestling fans, it now appears that the famed Caped Crusader is All Elite, too.

First reported by Newsarama, AEW Dynamite is set to be a part of TNT’s week-long Batman extravaganza, BatWeek.

BatWeek will see TNT run marathon showings of Batman movies and several tie-in shows and specials, and AEW Dynamite will be a part of the Thanksgiving week celebration during tomorrow night’s broadcast.


There are no specifics available on what Bat-themed sights we can expect to see on tomorrow’s Dynamite, but AEW is likely to want to impress TNT by embracing the network’s devotion to the Dark Knight.

Here’s hoping Le Champion Chris Jericho can somehow top the awesomeness of his pumpkin-covered jacket during Dynamite’s Halloween special. That said, The Painmaker is going to be quite the busy guy tomorrow as he’ll be hosting a Thanksgiving Thank You Celebration in addition to competing in the main event.


Match-wise, this week’s AEW Dynamite will see Jericho defending the AEW World Championship against Scorpio Sky, ‘The Bastard’ PAC vs. Kenny Omega, ‘Hangman’ Page vs. MJF for the Dynamite Diamond Ring, and Cody’s return to in-ring action.

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