Birds Of Prey: 10 References And Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

God bless Bernie the taxidermy beaver.

DC Comics

After the trainwreck that was Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) had a lot of pressure on its back. The issue was not only that the Suicide Squad has been largely despised by critics and fans alike, but it also made practically no reference to the larger DC universe outside of the character's backgrounds, which made it feel like a very token attempt at cashing in on the current trend of superhero movie hype.

And clearly every single person working on the Birds of Prey film wanted to counter this with their 2020 release, as the film is packed to the brim with references to comic events, characters, and even scenes that comic fans may not be aware of.

Indeed, as figures like Margot Robbie made it clear that they had read many comics in order to get ready for the film, it seems that certain moments were tailor-made for folks who have read their fair share of graphic novels, as a secret treat to those of us dorky enough to get every wonderful easter egg.

Between obscure characters, hidden comic secrets, and taxidermy beavers, Birds of Prey proves a film that's enjoyable for casual film fans, and hardcore comic readers - which is officially the perfect balance.


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