Captain America: Civil War - 26 WTF Moments

Jaw-dropping and not just for good reasons.

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Marvel Studios

Make no mistake, Captain America: Civil War is a quite astonishing achievement. For The Russos to have balanced the requirements of faithfully adapting one of Marvel's most adored event arcs with the need to tie up The Winter Soldier story, add more characters AND lead in to Infinity War is stunning.

That their final product was as thrilling and as consistently excellent as Civil War is outright jaw-dropping.

The film is the natural next step in the MCU, with the directors' eye for story combining with the principles of epic film-making that Joss Whedon introduced, Jon Favreaus' humanism and James Gunn's humour. It's not just an exercise in brand advancing - as some critics have rather unfairly said - but definitive proof of why the brand exists and endures in the first place. And it deserves to be watched over and over by fans.

It might be being called Marvel's best movie, but that doesn't mean there aren't just as many moments that will leave you scratching your head as those that leave your jaw hanging...

26. The Opening Sequence Effects

Captain America Civil War
Marvel Studios

Look, it's hard to make any film that relies on lots of effects and not have any of the seams show, but the opening battle scene in Lagos features some of the worst rag-doll physics since the Matrix sequels. While the close combat is great and the way the team works together well choreographed, the way Cap's fighting has been sped up makes him look incredibly fake. It's like the effects aren't quite finished - particularly on the 2D version.

There's one other moment in the entire film when the effects aren't quite up to snuff - when Spidey makes his first appearance in costume on the battle-field. In that case it seems to be an issue with green-screening as the seams show a little too much, but at least the physics there are fine.

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