Captain Marvel: 9 Things You Need To Know About The Skrulls

Will an Invasion begin, or are they already here?

Marvel Studios

2019's Captain Marvel will give audiences their first fully fledged introduction to Skrulls, a hostile militant alien race with an eye for world domination. This could be a colossal game-changer for the MCU. Comic book fans already know how much of a dominating presence these malevolent creatures have been in Marvel lore, both on planet Earth and in outer space.

Within the first ten years of the MCU, audiences have been given nothing past the odd glimpse. Weaving in Thanos and the Infinity Stones over an expanse of movies was tasking enough for the writers at Marvel Studios. The Skrull race are a whole separate presence, with threatening implications entirely different to Thanos' gem-collecting, finger-snapping antics.

And this is where things become complicated. There is a small chance that the Skrulls have slipped audience's attention without anyone even knowing. Infiltration is the name of the Skrull game, after all - so here's everything you need to know to make sure you know your Super Skrulls from your ordinary ones.


9. There Were Originally Three Different Types Of Skrulls

Marvel Comics/Jack Kirby

Modern day Skrulls are characterized largely by their Empiric and brutal nature, and the Skrull Empire is said to be the longest lasting of its kind in the known universe. But in their comparatively humble beginnings, they were a scientific race of beings who posed no threat to anyone.

Things remained that way until the Celestials came along. And for those who don't know, the Celestials are behind of much of the ancient mythology in the Marvel Universe. These godly beings messed up the Skrull in a big way, by scientifically meddling with the population and creating three new kinds of Skrull.

First, were the supposedly immortal 'Eternals'. Second were the 'Prime', who were the dominant strand for a short time. But the third and most notorious were 'The Deviants', who went on to eradicate the other two types and become the definitive, quintessential form of Skrulls.

So what did the Deviants posses that made them, not just the superior of the three, but also able to integrate and dominate over a fat portion of the universe? It was just one thing. But boy, it was a big thing...


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