Do You Know The Real Names Of These Classic X-Men Characters?

Everybody knows the big-name players, but how about your Banshees, Havoks, and Dazzlers?

Marvel Comics

When it comes to comic book teams, there really is no group better than Charles Xavier's famed X-Men. The Avengers may be making big box office bucks these days, but it's Professor X's mutants that have so often served up the greatest adventures when it comes to the world of Marvel Comics.

Like the aforementioned Avengers, of course, the X-Men have seen literally hundreds of heroes - or even temporarily-reformed villains - don the famous X-colours over the decades. This is a team that is for everyone, with the whole creation of the X-Men being to highlight how we're all equal in this world, regardless of race, religion, sex, sequel orientation, or whatever. The X-Men were a bunch of people shunted by society, coming together to form one of the most unstoppable teams on the planet.

Of the hundreds of members that the X-Men have had over the decades, however, some are more well-known than others. And not only that, but the real identity of some of these characters are more memorable than others. That's our sticking point here, for we've got 15 members of the X-Men featured for you - all you have to do is correctly identify the real names of these characters.

1. Cyclops?

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