Doomsday Clock Delayed Again

But how long will DC fans have to wait for the next issue?

Doomsday Clock #11
DC Comics

Despite an initial release said to be in May 22nd, Doomsday Clock #11 continues to be pushed back, with this most recent delay placing the supposed release at August 28th, a further two weeks from its previous predicted release date. This marks the fourth occasion where this particular issue has been delayed, following a worrying trend of all Doomsday Clock issues being continually, and substantially, pushed back.

With Doomsday Clock #10 finishing on the tantalising note of Doctor Manhattan questioning his morality and impact within the DC Universe, this lengthy pause could not come at a worse time.

As per Bleeding Cool, Doomsday Clock isn't the only DC comic facing delays. Shazam's next issue has also been delayed by an almost stunning nine weeks, now occupying an August 14 release date.

All this being said, it has to be remembered that these delays are a sign that the production team are taking care to create the story as they envisioned it. Geoff Johns is evidently keen to see Gary Frank pencil the series from start to finish, and given so many other comics fail to maintain consistency over their publishing run, it's refreshing to see Doomsday Clock stick to its guns and feature the same creative team from beginning to end.


What do you think of Doomsday Clock's further delay? Let us know in the comments below.

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