Gotham: 15 Craziest Moments

There was never a dull moment to be had in this infamous city.


Jim Gordon may have been Gotham's protagonist and the city's white knight, but there's no doubting that the show's villains truly stole the show. They ran the city - from the mob bosses, to those who worked their way into City Hall, to the anarchists who just simply ruled the streets - Gotham belonged to its villains.

Unsurprisingly, the Batman prequel also had its fair share of crazy scenes and moments. This list is full of murder, confrontation, more murder, surprise confessions, and even cannibalism - so crazy was the show as it neared its finale.

Arkham Asylum was a frequent location and it never seemed to be short of inmates. In fact, most of the characters featured on this list spent a stint there, so it only further demonstrates Gotham's breeding of crazy.

The Gotham City Police Department certainly had their work cut out during the show's five season run - so much so, that they're completely absent in almost all of these scenes. Of course, Gordon is the exception - but even he struggled to put a stop to these moments of insanity...

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