Gotham Season 5: 4 Major Questions After 'The Trial Of Jim Gordon'

4. Is This The End For Victor Zsasz?


Gotham might be an incredibly dark series, but viewers could always rely on Victor Zsasz to lighten the tone with his never-ending supply of criminal humour. In spite of his crimes, however, the elusive character has managed to evade police custody for the better part of five seasons, but it looks like his days of roaming free are well and truly over.

In The Trial Of Jim Gordon, Zsasz found himself under Ivy Pepper's spell, which undoubtedly made him sloppy, as he brazenly stormed into the GCPD and proceeded to shoot everything that moved. You could say that this move backfired, as Harvey Bullock came up with a neat plan to avoid Zsasz's gunfire by wearing a bodysuit - which was akin to that of a bomb disposal unit's - so that he could tackle the gun-wielding maniac to the floor.

With a mere four episodes of the Fox series left to air and Zsasz seemingly in police custody, it's unlikely that we'll see the crazed criminal again. However, considering the final episode will take a time-jump, could we perhaps see Victor exploring a futuristic Gotham City - one that features The Caped Crusader?

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