Gotham Season 5: 4 Major Questions After 'The Trial Of Jim Gordon'

3. Are Bruce and Selina Officially An Item?


After Gordon recovered from his gunshot, the final act of the episode was devoted to his wedding - where he married Lee Thompkins in the GCPD headquarters. It was an incredibly emotional moment, and a great pay-off considering all of the heartache the two characters have been through over the past five seasons.

However, they weren't the only couple that sealed their union with a kiss, as Bruce took advantage of the emotional moment and locked lips with Selina, signifying the beginning of a new chapter for the pair's relationship.

Selina's had a tough time this season, what with her being paralysed by Jeremiah Valeska, only to be healed by Ivy. If that weren't bad enough, Ivy's cure then altered Selina's personality, giving way for her more cat-like features to emerge. Does this kiss signify that Selina has returned to her more human self? It certainly looks that way.

Then there's Bruce, who hasn't had it easy by any means. This season, he's found himself facing a lot of challenges, including his feud with Jeremiah - the laughing maniac blew up his beloved Wayne Manor and forced him to watch a re-enactment of his parents' death. The young billionaire's relationship with Selina was tested as well, but it appears that the pair are finally on the same page. For now, at least.

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