Marvel's Iron Fist: 44 Easter Eggs & Reference You Must See

And yes, of course Stan Lee's in it...

Iron Fist

For all of the controversy it has attracted, Iron Fist is not the unmitigated disaster some have called it: it isn't up to the same standards as the other shows we've seen so far, but it only sags as low as the more boring parts of Daredevil's second season. It's merely poor in the context of Netflix and Marvel's impossibly high-set bar.

What cannot be questioned among the complaints about white-washing and cultural appropriation is the show's knowledge of where it came from. That much was even more necessary when it became clear that they were casting Finn Jones in keeping with Danny Rand's ethnicity in the comics - if you're going to claim fidelity, you have to be faithful, in other words.

And the show definitely is faithful, showing that it knows its roots in Iron Fist's comic lore, as well as linking to the wider MCU, the wider Marvel Universe and throwing in some strange and delightful links to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Game Of Thrones and The Best Little Whore House In Texas along the way.

As ever, spotting those Easter Eggs, references and in-jokes is a pleasure in itself...


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