Marvel's Avengers: 10 Villains It MUST Include

With the game over a year away, just who has to be the one to challenge Earth's Mightiest Heroes?


When Square Enix revealed the trailer for their new Avengers game at E3, the internet lost its collective mind. Sadly though not for the right reasons, such as it being a game about the Avengers, but because the characters on display didn't look like their MCU counterparts.

This made a fair few keyboard warriors go into epic meltdown (seriously, the game's not about the MCU), but now that most of the furore has died off people seem to be asking the right questions.

Such as, who's going to be the 'Big Bad'?

As you can probably imagine that secret is more closely guarded than Fort Knox and unless there's a huge leak somewhere then it's going to stay that way right up until its release in 2020, but that doesn't mean that speculation is off the table.

After all, the Avengers have one of the biggest rogues galleries to choose from and it's one that spans their entire fifty-nine-year existence, so there's a lot of familiar villainous faces waiting to ruin their day. This list takes a look at those evil doers and tries to figure out not just who might be making an appearance but how they might find themselves included in the game itself.


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