Marvel's Daredevil: 10 Iconic Comic Book Moments We Still Need To See

10. The Spider And The Devil

Marvel Studios/Netflix

Two of Marvel Comics’ better known street-level heroes, Matt Murdock and Peter Parker have shared a mutual respect and friendship for one another ever since Daredevil's very first issue, each dealing their own brand of justice to thugs, drug dealers, and a smorgasbord of other low rung crooks.

Matt and Peter have worked together numerous times over the years, perhaps the most interesting of which being in the pages of the Marvel Knights one-shot Spider-Man & Daredevil, in which Matt narrates a team-up between the two as they seek and rescue a kidnapped child. With the story merely serving as a framing device for Matt to reflect on his respect for, problems with, and ultimately the friendship he shares with Peter.

One of Marvel’s most recurring and endearing team-ups, having Peter team up with Matt and seeing the contrast between crimefighting styles would make for a more lighthearted, introspective arc to be found in a future series of Daredevil (or future instalment in the Spider-Man film series). Unfortunately, the likelihood of Marvel putting the hero of a gritty, mature TV show alongside their most childlike and whimsical is pretty low, making it seem like this on-screen pairing will remain wishful thinking for the foreseeable future.

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