Marvel's Daredevil Season 3: 9 Villains That Should Appear

1. Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary Daredevil
Marvel Comics

Typhoid Mary was created by Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr. during their criminally underrated stint on Daredevil, and - like Bullseye - she simply has to be an option for the series to consider.

An assassin with dissociative identity disorder, Mary Walker began a relationship with Matt Murdock while she was simultaneously tasked with killing Daredevil. For the majority of Nocenti's run, Mary was in the employ of the Kingpin, and commonly came to blows with Daredevil along with the likes of Bushwacker, and the Wildboys, although she was romantically linked with both of Murdock's identities during this time.

What makes the character so interesting is that she has three distinct identities: her 'Mary' personality is withdrawn, whereas her Typhoid self is impulsive and violent. Following that, her 'Bloody Mary' persona is totally brutal, and spent a good long time tracking down domestic abusers and, well, killing them during that very same run.

Later, the character - now in control of her violent personalities - would host her own TV show, before being reawakened by the Kingpin who, in typical Kingpin fashion, was trying to f*ck with Murdock's life again.

She would make for a great addition to the series, especially if they're going down the route of having Fisk hire assassins to draw Daredevil out. Plus, it would shine a light on an oft forgotten and immensely under-appreciated run on the character, so that's a bonus too, especially if Marvel are so bold as to subvert those Born Again expectations and take the storyline in an altogether different direction than fans are, at this point at least, expecting.


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