MCU: 5 Weird (But Plausible) Casting Choices For Wolverine

4. Luke Evans

Warner Brothers Pictures

Easily the most obvious choice on this list, Luke Evans seems to have been forgotten about in the running for Wolverine, and instead become a favourite to play Namor.

This is a shame really, as Zachary Quinto is the obvious choice to portray Namor, surely?

Anyway, back to Luke Evans.

Performance wise Evans would be more than capable of conveying Wolverine's anger (see basically any of his previous roles), his look in High-Rise demonstrated just how much he can look like the character and his voice is definitely low enough to emulate the character's trademark growl.

The only minor problem is his height, though no one seemed to mind how much taller Jackman was than the comic book Wolvie, so this shouldn't be too much of an issue.


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