MCU: 7 Perfect Marvel Characters Daniel Radcliffe Should Play

The boy wizard could be coming to the MCU...


Sooner or later, every single actor will have been lined up for a Marvel role.

Everyone’s favourite former wizard Daniel Radcliffe has recently been rumoured to star as Moon Knight, for the upcoming Disney+ show aptly named Moon Knight. And inevitably, this would mark a great transition for the star, allowing him to enter the behemoth franchise that is the MCU.

Radcliffe certainly has the chops to play the character, with his acting range evident in films such as The Woman in Black as well as on the stage. Though he has starred in some less-than-stellar films since (we’re looking at you, Victor Frankenstein), he still is as talented as ever to find a footing in a future Marvel movie.

But that's not to say that Radcliffe would be the right fit for Moon Knight - in fact there are a few options for even more interesting MCU roles for him...

7. Quasar

Quasar Marvel

Cosmic characters are found virtually everywhere within the various worlds of Marvel Comics. One character that has yet to debut in the MCU, for obvious, world-building narratives, is Quasar.

Like Nova or Captain Marvel, the superhero is known for his famous Quantum Bands, which grant him devastating feats of power. This can come in the form of projecting quantum energy in the form of force fields or heat.

Although the character has had several iterations over the years, Radcliffe can certainly debut as the first version in Wendell Elvis Vaughan. Wouldn’t it be something to see his spin on the character joining forces with the next roster of Avengers for Avengers 5?


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