MCU Phase 4: 10 Reasons Secret Wars Is A Genius Idea For Next Avengers Movie

10. It's A HUGE Crossover Event

Marvel Comics

With Infinity War being such a large scale crossover, a good chunk of potential other comic source material suddenly seems a little lacklustre. While Marvel can't continually create bigger films forever, it seems only fitting that the next major MCU films attempts to at least get close to matching the expansive size of its predecessor.

This is one thing that Secret Wars accomplishes handily, with more or less every major Marvel character featuring in the series at some point or another. Watching all factions of superheroes come together to try and work out a way to survive the strange and hostile planet they are trapped on makes for some endlessly engaging viewing - as do the parts where we see how the villains, too, are faring.

Importantly, the scale also means Beyonder is the most epic villain the MCU has seen. Given he canonically swats Galactus away 'like a fly' it's safe to say the cosmic being will provide a similarly extraordinary opponent.


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