Ranking Every DC Animated TV Series From Worst To Best

6. Static Shock

The series that kickstarted the late Dwayne McDuffie's acclaimed involvement in the DC Animated Universe, Static Shock - based on the Milestone Comics character of the same name - followed Virgil Hawkins during his high school years. Despite the series' setting, Static Shock remains one of the most mature and indeed authentic animated series' in DC's history.

Apart from being a dead fun DC show in its own right, and indeed, the first to feature an African American character in the lead, Static Shock was never one to shy away from tackling some pretty heavy themes, and did so on a regular basis. Gang violence and racism in particular were two topics that dominated the show's earlier episodes, and its diverse cast of characters set a precedent that further animated series' would follow, including Justice League.

Indeed, McDuffie's influence in portraying the full diversity of the DCU on television cannot be overstated, and his work on Static in particular is some of the best to have ever been put to the medium.

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