Smallville Quiz - Can You Remember These 'Before They Were Famous' Guest Stars?

Did these future megastars ever get to spend some time schmoozing with Clark Kent and Co.?

Smallville Amy Adams
The WB

It seems like only yesterday that Smallville was giving fans their weekly dose of DCTV action, yet the Tom Welling-headlined series has actually been off the air for a whopping eight years by this point.

Still, so many of us look back fondly at this loose take on the formative years of the Last Son of Krypton; Welling’s Kal-El spending ten seasons learning to harness his god-like powers and embrace his destiny as one of Earth’s greatest heroes.

One fun thing about Smallville is that, like so many other shows of the time, it is series littered with cameo appearances or supporting turns from some people who would go on to become huge stars in their own right. Whether they were simply a background player or along for a one-and-done appearance, some of the hottest stars of today passed through the cornfields of Smallville.

Here, we’ve gathered some of today’s biggest names. All you have to do is correctly answer “yes” or “no” as to whether these big-time stars ever made even a single, fleeting appearance in Smallville during its ten-year run from 2001 to 2011.

1. Amy Adams


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