Sony To Mould The Sculptor

Studio grab graphic novel two weeks after it was released.

THR have reported that producers Scott Rudin and Josh Bratman have put some pennies down to mould a movie out of McCloud€™s already popular page turner, that sees a sculptor gifted with the ability to make works of art out of anything he touches becoming the great artist he once was. The problem is that our struggling creator has gained this gift after making a deal with Death, who will only allow him to create these wonders for 200 days, after which he will have to hand over his life as payment. It€™s a fatal but fair deal when dealing with the Grim Reaper, but one that becomes all the more difficult when our hero falls in love, because why wouldn€™t he? It€™s worth noting that The Sculptor isn€™t some famous story loved by all. In fact, the book only hit shelves two weeks ago and is also McCloud€™s first work of fiction in a whopping 20 years. Thankfully, the tale has already been met with critical acclaim with readers praising the story with its perspective on its two biggest factors; creativity and love. It sounds like an interesting story and one I may have to pick up some time soon. As for the adaptation, expect the choice of director and cast to hopefully take more time than a fortnight, and hopefully enough time for me to read the damn thing.

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