Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 - 10 Comic Stories It Could Adapt

Backdrops for Peter Parker's graduation.


Spider-Man: Homecoming's sequel was announced before the original had even hit cinemas, which speaks volumes about Marvel's confidence in its latest Peter Parker.

The comic book giant was right to have faith in Tom Holland after his show-stealing, shield-stealing antics in Captain America: Civil War, since his solo debut didn't disappoint, critically or commercially.

As things stand, Homecoming is the second-highest grossing Spidey film so far, and its still doing big business in China having opened in the territory last weekend.

The future is bright for Holland's wall-crawler. Next up for him is a pair of Avengers outings in Infinity War and its untitled follow-up, with the latter leading directly into Homecoming's sequel.

Little is known about Marvel's next Spider-Man movie. Jon Watts will be back in the director's chair, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers are on scripting duties, and it will be the first film to rise from the ashes of the MCU's Phase 3.

One thing's for sure, though - Watts and his team are spoilt for choice when it comes to potential comics to adapt for Homecoming 2 (or whatever it ends up being called), and here are the places they should start mining for inspiration...


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