Star Wars: The High Republic - Everything We Know So Far

10. Where Did The Idea Come From?

Del Rey/Joseph Meehan

The basic premise of the High Republic initiative is to create a brand new chapter in the Star Wars saga, entirely removed from the exploits of the Skywalker family, telling an original set of stories in an as yet unexplored time period.

Make no mistake, this is the next big thing for Star Wars.

Lucasfilm Publishing's creative director Michael Siglain has brought a group of talented writers to the table to tackle this enormous project.

Cavan Scott, Claudia Gray, Charles Soule, Daniel José Older, and Justina Ireland are the Jedi Masters of this new order, and are responsible for piecing together this grand new adventure.

Defining the overall story arc, locking down the time period, the setting, a core group of heroes and villains, the political machinations of the day, the writing team are redefining Star Wars as we know it.

It has since been reveled that the High Republic initiative will not overlap with any of the mainline Star Wars movies, nor any TV series currently on air or in the works at Disney, giving the writers unprecedented scope to expand the Star Wars mythos.


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