Suicide Squad 2: 10 Comics James Gunn Should Adapt

Which DC stories should inspire the sequel?

DC Comics

The live-action Suicide Squad film exemplified the DCEU's most divisive elements when it released in 2016. Critically it was panned, but audiences were split on whether it was a dumb-fun action film or an edited-to-hell masterpiece of garbage.

Despite all of this, it still broke even at the box office, meaning a sequel was inevitable.

Cut over to 2018, James Gunn had two massive hits with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise of films, even to the point that he was one of the key figures in the upcoming Phase of the MCU. Sadly, that would not be the case as Gunn was fired over offensive tweets from over a decade ago, which he had apologized for several times afterwards. Marvel's loss was Warner Bros.' gain, as Gunn is now signed on to write, and possibly direct, Suicide Squad 2.

With a massive backlog of stories surrounding the team, there's a treasure trove of stories that could be adapted or even influence this sequel. Spanning decades, crossovers, and multiple creative teams, here are 10 of the best Suicide Squad stories that should inspire James Gunn's sequel...


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