SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE is 'the future of how we consume comics'

AICN reviewer Optimus Douche said last week of 'Superman: Earth One Vol 1' - the much hyped J. Michael Straczynski contemporary written graphic novel that re-tells Superman's origin for a new generation (basically 'Ultimate Spider-Man' for the Man of Steel) that;
EARTH-ONE represents the future of Superman, and sales figures willing, the future of how we consume comics. JMS has created a brilliant breathing world of consequence and DC is delivering this vision in epic scope. Now if you have some kind of sullen emo hatred of Superman, there are no words that will convince you to read this book. But if you love comics and more importantly want to witness the genesis of what could be the next great comic universe (with the right care and nurturing), then get ready for a trip to EARTH-ONE.
Earth-One is simply real. It is a world that was unprepared for Superman and recognizes that his existence is a new genesis for humanity. Earth-One has known nothing fantastic, it lives alone in the universe, and its inhabitants are uninspired drones living in an endless cycle of work, rinse, repeat€die. Yes, we've seen Superman resets countless times over the years in the form of Elseworlds, SECRET ORIGINS, and the former love of my life ALL STAR SUPERMAN. But this is different. This is not simply Superman€™s famed rocket veering off course; EARTH-ONE possesses a fierce conviction to present our actual universe. And therein is the secret to its sheer power over the page. Thank you, DC. Even though this masterful retelling is being touted in the marketingverse as "accessible to new readers" (which it is), as a man that has followed the adventures of Superman for the past thirty years, this is the first time since I picked up that very first issue I felt such an electrical charge of elation, glee and wide-eyed wonder coursing through my body.
Superman Earth One Volume 1 is out in the U.S. this week but isn't available in the U.K. till next year, sadly. Also coming next year is Grant Morrison's and Geoff Frank's re-telling of Batman, which is something they should have done right around the time of 'Batman Begins' to entice new readers but better late than never and all that. I know Obsessed With Film is primarily a film site but I'm very interested to read both these Superman and Batman reboots in comics form, the latter as I'm a massive Bat-nut and the former because it could hint at what David Goyer has been brewing for the big screen return that Zack Snyder will direct. Not that the projects are at all related outside of their brief concept.
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