The Batman Movie: 10 Comics Matt Reeves NEEDS To Adapt

8. Gothic

Batman Gothic
DC Comics

Grant Morrison's long-running stint on Batman in the late 2000s may boast the writer's best loved tales on the character, but there was another he masterminded earlier in his career: Gothic, which he created alongside artist Klaus Janson.

Released as a part of the famous Legends of the Dark Knight series in 1990, Gothic centred around a figure from the Gotham mob's past returning and murdering them one by one. They turn to Batman for help, who agrees reluctantly, and a brilliant game of cat and mouse ensues. Bruce has to use all his investigative knowhow to uncover the culprit responsible, but not before he too is treated to another revelation from his past.

Gothic is a great tale and it embodies most, if not all, of the elements Reeves spoke of in his interview with THR. It showcases Batman as a detective, takes place earlier on in the vigilante's career and develops the character in the process. Sure, it lacks the presence of a figure like the Joker or Two-Face, but it works tremendously all the same.

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