The Batman Movie: 10 Comics Matt Reeves NEEDS To Adapt

7. Ego

Batman: Ego and Other Tales
DC Comics/Darwyn Cooke

Darwyn Cooke's Batman: Ego is a Batman story not nearly enough people have read and revered. The writer/artist was a legend of the medium, helming numerous stories before his tragic passing in 2016, and Ego is absolutely one of his best works.

Centred around a Batman slightly later in his vigilante career, Ego is an intricate, complex study of the psychology behind Bruce Wayne's character and it's for that reason why it should inform elements of the new film.

All too often, big screen productions and even video games centred around Batman have depicted Bruce Wayne as a mask that hides Batman, relegating the character to only the most cursory of moments and instead electing to spotlight Batman as the 'true' version of the character. What Ego intimated was that both elements were vital to the Caped Crusader, and that by taking away one, the character just wouldn't be the same.

Stunningly illustrated, character-driven and essential, Batman: Ego remains the most comprehensive exploration of Bruce Wayne's psychology, and provides the perfect blueprint to launch into it on film.

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